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Desperate Straight Guys Doing Everything For Money

Straightboy Suckathon

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Jordan, Jadizon and Nu are straight guys who need the cash, and are motivated enough to all suck on each others' cocks for the internet. Jordan is a mischievous blond with a crew cut and a muscular torso covered with tattoos front and back. Jadizon is a close cropped Latino, well-built with a pierced ear and couple of tats, ever-smiling and friendly. Nu is dark-haired, bespectacled and lean, a fresh-faced boy next door.

The threesome huddle up on the bed and Nu goes first, getting a mouthful of Jordan's long pale cock while Jadizon stands alongside getting his nuts fondled while he strokes his bronzed dick. Jadizon is happy to get down on the bed and hold Nu's cock in hand while he slowly gets it down his throat. Jordan moans dreamy-eyed when Jad takes over sucking duties on him, then Nu takes another crack at rock-hard Jordan. Both of them lick and nuzzle at once while Jordan just lies back and enjoys.

Jad and Nu kneel on either side of Jordan stroking, and he takes each of them into his talented mouth. Jad is not quite hard, but Jordan's sucking wakes his cock as he grips and jerks Jordan's meat pole. Nu is getting turned on watching and can't help squirting out his approval in a thick creamy splatter that covers Jordan's tight abs and biceps. Jordan barely misses a beat sucking Jadizon, but scrapes up the load and licks it off his hand before going back to work.

Nu slurps down Jordan then Jadizon lies in the middle of the action. Jordan beats and swallows his cock while Nu massages his muscular thighs and fondles his nutsack. Jad takes over with his fist and cums in a long stream that leaks out between his fingers. Jordan licks the bits off his cock and balls then lies back to milk out his own load. When Nu rubs just behind his balls, Jordan speeds up and gets ready to fire off a wad. Jadizon and Nu move in closer and squeeze his legs as he breathes slower and his nuts draw up tight. A few splatters splash out, then a volley of cum sprays onto his muscular belly. He licks his lips as Jad and Nu move in to gingerly take a taste.