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Desperate Straight Guys Doing Everything For Money

Corey and Keith Flip for Fun and $$

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Keith explains that the hustlers are flaking or weirded out by the camera, but he has an alternate offer. "Corey and I can both do something for ya", to which Corey chimes in, "Yeah, I'm broke". Before you know it Keith has peeled off Corey's t-shirt and jeans, fingering his hole and sucking his rapidly swelling cock. Corey doesn't mind a bit, with his eyes rolling back in ecstasy. And Keith seems to be suspiciously good in the cocksucker role. These boys have a natural chemistry together.

Corey pokes his butt up while he's on hands and knees, Keith sucking his and drilling a finger up his hungry hole. Once Keith slides his cock into Corey, their conversation turns to groans and whispers. "Fuck yeah," Keith finally mumbles out as his breathing turns hot and heavy. He pulls out to slap his cock around Corey's lubed-up ass cheeks. Corey's head is flailing back in his sexy little dream world as he screams out, "God yes, FUCK me!" It looks like so much fun that Keith rolls onto hands and knees for Corey to have a go at his ass.

Corey's nuts pull up tight as he slams his smooth pink cock into Keith's welcoming ass. He lays on his stomach with legs spread and Corey pounds his hole with no mercy. On his back and holding his legs wide open, he begs for more and Corey's happy to give it. Their pants and moans speed up and corey starts racing toward a big cum shot. Straddling his bud, Corey explodes in spurt after spurt and sprays Keith in the eye. Keith wants to shoot his load, but the cameraman tells him to save it for tomorrow. There's always another shoot cumming up!