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Nick Learns to Bob on the Knob

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Nick Kush is a first-time gay-for-pay model, paired with Travis Cooper (who has a bit more male camera experience). Their first assignment is cocksucking, and they seem a little shellshocked. Nick slathers on some kiwi-flavored lube, unaware that lube for cocksucking is not a very useful addition. But Travis likes the flavor, so all's good, and manages to go down handily on Nick's massive prong.

Nick has to admit that he really like the feel of Travis' mouth. Travis backs off a sec to catch his breath, strokes Nick a bit while he licks the head. Nick is a bossy little fucker that tells Travis how hard to stroke and when to slow down. Just wait till he's the one having to perform the fellatio. Nick beats off savagely for a few minutes, now it's his turn to get a faceful of straight cock. He has to be coached in how to beat off another man's dick, so you wouldn't expect much of him in the cocksucking department. He's afraid to choke and gag -- "I've never had something this big go in my mouth!" But between short bouts of jerking and gingerly licking dickhead , he's slowly getting up to speed.

Travis is pretty patient with the hung newbie, even when Nick is obviously beating too quick and rough. The cameraman coaches him to lick Travis' nuts, which he does hesitantly, running his mouth across the scrotum like it's a cob of corn. Next attempt at sucking Travis' man-sized cock goes better, and he's halfway down the shaft. He still slides his mouth from side to side awkwardly along the length of the shaft. Claiming his hand is tired, he talks Travis into beating his own cock for a few.

Finally rubbing Travis' balls and smooth shaved taint as he sucks, Nick gets him close. Travis takes over and strokes for real. Nick joins in on his own half-staff woody. Travis uses one hand on his own cock and the other on Nick's, never taking his eyes off Nick's big thickening cock. Soon he is splattering his chest with hot straight boy cum. Nick smiles sheepishly after lesson number one.