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$traight Boy Vince Breaks in Gay Virgin Kayo

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Smalltown virgin Kayo is first-time on camera and actually first time with a man. It's a big job breaking in a virgin gay boy, but fortunately he loves straight boy-next-door types and sexy Vince fits that role to a t. Shy little Kayo is hesitant to even stare at or touch a cock at first, but Vince shows him that if a straight guy can do it (and do it magnificently) it can't be that hard. Once Kayo takes Vince's beautiful uncut cock into his mouth, any hesitation disappears and Kayo seems GLAD to be gay!

Everything's new to our virgin boy, but he is eager to try it all. He nibbles on Vince's nips, even manages to get halfway down the big shaft without gagging. Vince guides his mouth down further than Kayo probably believed possible, but this first timer is up for anything he can do! And he's good at it. Vince is surprisingly turned on by the enthusiastic gay fledgling and beats out a big load before he's even ready. Pro that he is, he then goes to work on getting the sexy little newcomer off.

Kayo is definitely turned on and Vince's expert cocksucking experience helps propel him forward to the edge. Just watching Vince has him groaning and panting. He reaches down to grab his balls and rub the sensitive taint behind them. But Kayo's first time, like all good things, has to come to an end. When it does he cums a big pent-up load on his belly. After a great lesson from a gay-for-pay professional, this boy is a natural!