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John & Tyler Trade Jobs

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I know I have a big dick, girls are always telling me to, "go easy John." Now I'm "head-ing" back to DesperateStraightGuys.com to see if I can earn some more money with my cock. Last time, things did not go well but, I've got to pay some bills so, back I go. Paired with Tyler, I remember he's pretty cool. Sitting down next to me, Tyler tells me it's all about the "suck-tion." He starts on me; he definitely has the how-to down right. Using my hand first, I get Tyler up, then I lean over and do my best; it's not so bad if the guy is hard first. After a bit more, we go over to the bed and he finishes me off. Now it's Tyler's turn to blow. I try to rub his nipples and shit; within a few minutes, he also shoots.