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Desperate Straight Guys Doing Everything For Money


Muscular Straight Latin hunk Jadizon comes from Cuba, where he was experienced at pulling gay guys for pay. He says he is actually bi-sexual, but likes women for pleasure and men for money.

In Cuba, this muscular hunk could sometimes score as much as $500.00 from a European tourist. Now that he's on US soil, he's still making great money as a gay for pay escort.

Despite his experience escorting, Jadizon told me he never fucked a guy before. I knew that wouldn't do for clients in the US, so I brought Mikey in to help Jadizon further his 'gay for pay' training.

Mikey told Jadizon he wanted to 'tap that ass,' but Jadizon replied 'No way. You are going to be my little bitch.'

For someone that said he had never fucked a guy before, I was stunned by Jadizon's performance. He gave Mikey a hot and hard fuck that he previously only reserved for the lucky ladies. You could really feel the passion and heat as these two guy had sex.

And yes, I have to mention his thick white cum... it's like milk! Must be a Cuban thing. Go figure.
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